S l e e p  T r a v e l e r Prophecy

Sleep Traveler has been a life long project, even though it is classified as fiction, it is based on my true personal life long paranormal experiences. From very young age my parents realized that I had a very wild imagination and soon after they could not explain logically the things that I would imagine and express to them. I was able to verbalize things that have not happened yet or that it was happening at the same time but some where else where we were not present. I had a certain connection with some family members, for example my uncle; my moms brother. I would tell my parents what I saw him doing and would play a game by telling them step by step when he was driving, parking, getting out of his car, walking and knocking at our door when we would hear someone knocking and it would be him. My parents were puzzled and to this day they talk about it.


It was around 1971 when I had my first sleep traveling experience. I was only eight   years old when my mother would confine me to my room for studying time and I hated it so much that I started playing a game that I now refer to as sleep traveling. It was just a childís game, a way to pass time, yet it opened doors that have been haunting me to this day and probably beyond. It all actually so quickly became so profound that as a child I got scared.    Over the years my five senses and the community around me made my other sensory experiences weaker and weaker to the point that was almost vanished. However the need to find answers never went away. After graduating from high school, as much as I wanted to study art, my family would not allow it and basically pushed toward health related studies. Meanwhile I studied psychology as a second major to find answers when there are no absolute answers. Through it all, I believe I have taken simple ideas from my experiences and studies and put them together, making it easier to understand with an overall positive message.


Around 1999 when I wanted to share my visions and put my thoughts on paper, was when I had my strongest to this day sleep traveling experience. My father always said believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear, so I always knew that the only way I wanted to share my ideas was to show them. So when I sat down to see how the story should go, it was as if I went to the movies and saw the whole Sleep Traveler movie. As strange as it may sound, I recognized three of the actors in the story and even felt a connection between two of them. They were Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Oprah. I decided to give the first name of the actors to the characters they portray except Brads first name. Brad plays three different characters in the story which includes the actual sleep traveler, Jonathan II, and the two Brendens. I had Tristen from his legend of the fall movie that I loved, but my sister named her son Tristen and when she realized while I am writing the first draft that Tristen dies in my story, she begged me to change his name which I changed to Brenden. However I felt the connection between Angelina and Brad in their real lives and to show that in the screenplay Angelina is getting married to Brad but this Brad is not a character that Brad Pitt plays. It was a way for me to show that I saw in 1999 that Brad and Angelina will be together in the future. Obviously no one believed that I saw all of this happening back in 1999, so on my first draft registered; on the second page of the screenplay you have Angelina and Brad as the two characters that are partying, getting ready to marry the next night. Now as far as the characters that Brad Pitt plays in the story, Brad and Angelina donít even have one scene together, however the spirit of one becomes the other.


Now I really do not consider myself as a writer, so since 1999 after seeing the Sleep Traveler movie in my head and writing the first draft, I have been studying and working hard to learn how to write a screenplay. I also did many things in front and behind the camera for independent film and music videos. I also helped in covering red carpet events for an international channel and interviewed many actors, actresses, writers, directors and producers and so on. I even got a chance to question Angelina on the Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow but never Brad. I asked her one of the opening questions of the Sleep Traveler story which was; do you believe in life after death? She obviously didnít know where I am coming from and her answer was; no, she rather concentrate on the life that she is living rather than what could happen when she is gone. Her answer is actually great and makes a lot of sense but is not relevant to my story, I just wanted to document on film in some way to prove that I have been after Angelina to participate in the Sleep Traveler movie from the beginning. I have also sent emails to the Oprah site, yet I have never got any response because I am sure everyone wants Oprah and they will not consider anyone unless they are someone of importance.


In conclusion, Sleep Traveler Prophecy would only come true if Brad, Angelina and Oprah participate. Over the years I have had different production companies showing interest toward Sleep Traveler screenplay but I have refused them all. I would only be interested if it is Plan B production, Brad and Angelina, or Harpo production that is Oprah. Other than that since my life does not depend on it, I am going to wait and do anything possible to connect with them and hope that what I saw almost ten years ago will some day come true.



Marcus Hame.

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