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1. The Indie Gathering National and International film festival:


The Movie Maker Magazine is a very prestigious magazine for producers and considers The Indie Gathering as top 25 film festival pick for 2008!


2008 Indie Gathering – 1st place – Sci-Fi – Feature Script; Sleep Traveler.


2. Writer’s literary: Anton Diether

Anton is a produced WGA screenwriter with feature and TV credits, including three Hallmark miniseries (“Moby Dick,” “Cleopatra,” “Stranded”), and have developed scripts on assignment for Disney, Phoenix Pictures, TNT, Showtime, Fox Family and others.  He has been a script analyst for Warner Bros., Paramount, 20th-Century Fox, Working Title and others, and has written hundreds of coverages.  You can check him out at


After personally reviewing Sleep Traveler, Anton placed it in his top ten best scripts listed in the sci-fi genre. He will stake his reputation on his top ten best scripts and in his view, all the scripts are submission ready and highly marketable.


Anton’s top ten best scripts was the featured article in the “Screenplay” section of for the movie maker magazine.


Anton Diether and Writers Literary: Your Screenplay Connection | MovieMaker Magazine


3. Wild sound screenplay festival:

Thank you for your submission to the wild sound Screenplay Festival. Sleep Traveler caused a nice stir with our committee which caused the delay for us getting back to you. .

As per our festival guidelines, here is one of the committee's comments on your script:

"The only problem I have with it (and we should all be so lucky) is that it may be too intelligent for a broad audience.”


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