S l e e p  T r a v e l e r



Author: Marcus Hame     

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Fantasy

Time Period: Early 1900s/Present-day/Near future

Target Demographic: Ages 12 and up, General Audiences



1. When a soon-to-explode indie rocker has vivid dreams of a young musical prodigy in the distant past and of a rising superstar in the near future, he begins to realize that his energy, and talent, have lived before – and may be about to exit this life for the next one.

2. When he’s robbed of his physical freedom, his mind opens as a result of his profound desire to escape – releasing a controlled burst of conscious energy that travels through space and time to watch and protect his younger brother.


Abstract Synopsis:

An intricately layered collage of different points in time within a surreal dreamscape, shining a unique and positive perspective on life, the afterlife, and living energy, as well as the infinite possibilities of energy that can be tapped via our most forgotten and misused human tool – our consciousness.


The Story:

As pregnant SUSAN steps out of a car, she suddenly goes into labor. Her husband, MICHAEL, rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, across the street, ANGELINA boards a yacht with her FIANCE and their FRIENDS, ready to party before her wedding the next day. Elsewhere, BRENDEN wakes up in a cold sweat from yet another in a series of haunting dreams. For all of his 30 years, he has been dreaming of two boys – both musical prodigies – one in the 1900s and the other in 2020. Brenden is convinced that somebody (or some entity) is communicating with him via his dreams.


Indeed, that entity does exist. He is the SLEEP TRAVELER, the past prodigy’s elder brother, who has realized he can travel through space and time using his mind. His utmost goal is to protect his brother and ensure that his energy and talent are reborn so they can finish growing and come to full fruition.


As Brenden’s time on Earth comes to an end, Susan is struck by a sudden pain – and a newborn baby boy joins this world.


In the meantime, the lifeless body of Angelina, who has drowned in the raging ocean, will be taken over by the Sleep Traveler so that he can closely watch over and protect his brother. 


Marcus Hame


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