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Born in 1963, it was around 1971 when I had my first sleep traveling experience. I was only eight years old when my mother would confine me to my room for studying time and I hated it so much that I started playing a game that I now refer to as sleep traveling. It was just a child’s game, a way to pass time, yet it opened doors that have been haunting me to this day and probably beyond. It all actually so quickly became so profound that as a child I got scared. Over the years my five senses and the community around me has made my other sensory experiences much weaker. However the need to find answers never went away.


If passion was the lock, let devotion to be the key and the treasure will be a life time of pleasure. My passion has always been with the art of expressing myself.


After graduating from high school, as much as I wanted to study art, my family would not allow it and basically pushed toward health related studies. It took thirteen years of studies to become a periodontal surgeon with specialty in dental implants to please my family, specially a promise to my mother, but as a second major I studied for bachelors and masters in psychology to find answers for myself. As far as art, I did anything and everything possible to express myself, from simple drawings to elaborate paintings, still photography to all aspects of motion cinematography, I did them all. Through it all, I believe I have taken simple ideas from my experiences and studies and put them together, making it easier to understand a unique and different perspective toward life and death with an overall positive message.

In conclusion, Sleep Traveler is just the beginning, an introduction to promote mental usage, growth and development. It has been speculated that our generation only uses five to seven percent of our brain capacity, only 5 – 7%! Imagine practicing, learning and evolving to use more, imagine the world of Sleep Traveler.


Imagine Sleep Traveler

Sleep Traveler

Imagine closing your eyes, leaving your body, traveling through space and time, seeing everything, doing anything, anywhere, any time; imagine the world of SLEEP TRAVELER…

Sleep Traveler; 2nd Edition

Imagine with time everyone gain knowledge of how to sleep travel, physical activity will diminish, mental abilities will amplify, our body size and muscle mass will shrink while the size of our head and brain enlarge, resembling the higher intelligent beings or aliens whom visited our world but yet we can not find.

Imagine our search for the aliens, we know historically exist, misses both crucial elements of direction and time. With our vast technology of computers and telescopes, searching light years around us, we still can not find them because we are looking in the wrong direction at the wrong time. They are not out there, they are right here, they are just not from our time.

Imagine if point “A” was the beginning of our world as we know it and point “B” was the infinite ends of it, there are two ways to travel from point “A” to “B”, one is the physical continuum of time (Physcot) and the other is the energy continuum of time (Enercot). When in Enercot you can move to any point between “A” and “B” Physcot.

Imagine we live in Physcot and die into Enercot.

Imagine with time and evolution we learn to move from Physcot to Enercot through Sleep Traveling and eventually create vessels that can take our physical beings from the Physcot to Enercot and reenter at another point of Physcot, in another word time traveling.

Imagine being able to go back in time to help us, their ancestors, improve our future for their better more enhanced life.

Imagine helping us grow not only informatively but genetically. Having intimacy between us and our future more mentally developed kind would expedite the ladder of evolutionary acceptance and understanding of presence of Physcot-Enercot coexistence, therefore gaining the ability to interact and move within different points in time.

Imagine the world of SLEEP TRAVELER



Marcus Hame


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